Apple loses UK tablet design appeal versus Samsung

BBC News: In the latest Apple vs. Samsung case, Apple has lost the appeal in the UK and will now have to run advertisements clarifying Samsung is not a copycat

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SnakeCQC1975d ago

lol anyone see the contrast to a messed up american court?

ArmrdChaos1975d ago

How do you like them apples. =)

adorie1975d ago

I prefer oranges, but w/e

Soldierone1975d ago

Can the UK send their competent judges over here? Please? Just for a little while?

StanSmith1974d ago

Our judges are far from competent. Believe me. This is just one judge mixed with a bunch of idiots. The rest pretty much let criminals go free.

Soldierone1974d ago

Our judges are not any better. Like the one case of the women that killed her kid. Had literally all the evidence in the world, and they let her she is making millions....

lorcraven1975d ago

I couldn't believe it when I heard about apple winning that lawsuit earlier this year. Of course Britain courts would decide in favor of Samsung, Apple don't have the same hold over government in the UK as they do in US.

caseh1974d ago

"Of course Britain courts would decide in favor of Samsung"

Common sense prevails, anyone i've spoken to regardless if they lean towards Apple all agree on one thing. The US court case was a joke.

Oh your monitor looks like an iPad...GTFO!

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