Japan Develops Smartphone Application That Sends Smells

Rocket News24 : Soon your iPhone will be able to stink up the joint with a potpourri of smells thanks to a new Japanese smell-o-phone app and atomizer attachment.

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AgentWhite1978d ago

Why would anyone want that ?

ProjectVulcan1977d ago

Bagsy first person to send a fart message

blumatt1977d ago

Would make porn interesting....wait...scratch that....gross. Yeah, gross is the appropriate word. hahaha

Speed-Racer1977d ago

*sees AgentWhite first in line when product launched*

1Victor1977d ago

just imagine the smell of what your ( )cooking for dinner. or just send the smell of your friend favorite cake when he/she's on a diet ohhh the pranks will go to a new level ;)

kingPoS1977d ago

What!! You forgot what mom's home cooking smelled like.
Here! let me sent you an email...