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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S3: Is it Really a “Mini” Version?

From "Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of smartphone and mobile devices, has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190. Right after its official announcement, it has become one of the most searched smartphone, followed by Samsung Galaxy Note II and, its big brother, Samsung Galaxy S3. Today let’s compare the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S3 and put their specs sheet side by side."

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blumatt2013d ago

Soooo, I wonder if people are going to hate on this because it's a smaller screen like they love to do to Apple. lol Nah, probably not, you know because it's not nearly as popular to hate on Samsung as it is Apple.

Software_Lover2013d ago

People hate on apple because of their business practices. Because of the troll patent lawsuits. Because of the human rights violations in their chinese factories. Because they are stifling competition and getting credit for things they weren't even the first to do.


blumatt2013d ago

That's understandable, but the fact remains that millions, like me, still enjoy using their products. And, I'm sure people won't hate on this new S3 Mini because IT has a smaller screen but they will continue to hate on Apple for not having a gigantic screen. LoL