Microsoft Wields Mjölnir Hammer: Xbox 360 Gamers Banned Permanently For Playing Halo 4

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft is showing who is boss by dropping the Thor-like ban hammer on those unlucky few who were crazy enough to bring an illegal copy of Halo 4 on Xbox Live. The culprits were handed a heavy blow, one they can never rise from since this ban is permanent."

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Speed-Racer2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

I don't see why this is news because what do you expect when you play illegally obtained merch? Not a personal attack btw, just don't see why such a big deal is being made about the situation.

adorie2076d ago

Mjölnir? Pffft. Rubber Mallet, maybe. If they did wield Mjölnir the servers would crash upon the first initial ban.

CryWolf2076d ago

Cortana dies at the end of Halo 4 saving Master Chief from a Forerunner called Didact.

and i never played the game n4g or what ever.

Vames2075d ago

Was it necessary to spoil the ending of the game?