UK Hacker Extradition to US Blocked writes: "UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, has blocked the extradition to the US of hacker Gary McKinnon after a 10 year court battle. McKinnon, now 46, claims to have hacked NASA computers in 2002 in search of evidence on UFOs, although the US claimed that it was a calculated and intentional attack which caused around £487,000 worth of damages. They also referred to it as “the biggest military computer hack of all time”."

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gaffyh2043d ago

10 years is a long time for an extradition battle. I wonder how many millions have been spent on court fees...

techexclusive2043d ago

I think it was the right decision! He was on UK soil. 60 years is crazy for hacking.

Cueil2043d ago

should have just had him have an accident

Kurylo3d2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

they will. Either that or swat teams will raid his home without a warrant... and "accidentally" shoot him.

gaffyh2042d ago

I personally think that the UK law is a little stupid, because we don't have a written constitution, so things change all the time. In the US, citizens simply cannot be extradited if the crime is committed on US soil. The same should be the case in the UK.