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Dell Starts Taking Pre-Orders For The XPS 12 Convertible Tablet / Ultrabook. Starts at $1,199.99

Maximum PC: Few would argue that Windows 8 is a radical departure from a software perspective, however this generation it won’t just be Microsoft looking to set new trends. Redmond’s hardware partners are gearing up fast for the October 26th release date, and Dell has started taking pre-orders for its new XPS 12 convertible Windows 8 machine.

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Gondee2050d ago

kind of!!!?It needs to be a good/great laptop at that price. We will see when the review finally come out.

mpctips2050d ago

Well, I'm trying to keep perspective. $1,200 for a high-end Ultrabook is expensive, but not egregious. Dell is trying to position this as a high-end Ultrabook (Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD) that pulls double-duty as a tablet, so for the two combined, the price isn't totally out of whack.

I'm with you though, let's see the reviews on this thing.