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Five ways to skip Windows 8

Zdnet : As Microsoft's partners and fans edge away from Windows 8 on the desktop, it's time to re-consider the alternatives.

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hellvaguy2081d ago

Day 1. Why wouldnt you want faster? If you dont like the interface of win8 just change it back to the win7 look. Not rocket science here.

wishingW3L2080d ago

because you can't. Every time someone makes an app that replicates the Start button or that makes the system go directly to the desktop when you restart it is being blocked by MS.

Yi-Long2080d ago

... I love Windows 7 (I also loved Vista btw), and I need to buy a new laptop in a few months time, and I'm worried I'll be stuck with Windows 8, which I have absolutely NO interest in what-so-ever.

hellvaguy2077d ago

"an app that replicates the Start button"

Its not an app to get the windows 7 look, its an option from MS. The same way windows 7 offers an option to select the look of vista.

KingPin2080d ago

the answer is simple. keep your copy of Win 7. when you get a new pc/laptop with windows 8, before doing anything, format and reinstall win 7. then use it as normal.

best thing, download the oem copy of win 7 and use you CoF from a prev laptop. use the activated files and copy it over to your new pc (google can help here). yes thats illegal to have 2 pcs running the same CoF at the same time. but hey, F%^K MS, why should you pay for something u didnt want in the first place.

sjaakiejj2077d ago

Why bother? If you already have a serial code for your Windows 7 installation, you can activate it over the phone regardless of how many PCs are running it. Just tell them you're only running it on one - there's no way for them to validate that claim.

aviator1892080d ago

But I don't want to skip it, I'm already using it and loving all the performance tweaks.
I just think of the start screen as an extended and advanced start menu. Or you can think of it as a login screen to the desktop.

Just based on how fast windows 8 runs, I wouldn't want to go back to windows 7.