5 Reasons Why Bing Search Is Better Than Google Search

Mobile & Apps: "Ever since Microsoft launched its Bing search engine to compete with Google search, there have been many comparisons of the two. Admittedly, initially Bing was a disgrace when compared to Google search, but slowly as the years passed by; Bing has risen to the challenge and have actually surpassed Google search in terms of accuracy and other things."

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gizmig2047d ago

I don't think its a good reason that "BING IT!" sounds good than "GOOGLE IT!" . It doesn't make it better than Google.

Vames2047d ago

Was just a bit of humor.

SilentNegotiator2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

None of the other reasons are good either. Google has always gotten me better results.

aviator1892046d ago

That might have been true in the past (it was definitely true in the past), but recently, bing search results are pretty much in line in terms of quality with google's.

And google's the one who actually started using bing's extended interface (the side stuff: movie times, baseball/sports events displays, travel stuff,etc.) and incorporated it with their stuff. Google may dominate the search business, but bing's innovations and extra stuff has actually driven google to put all that stuff with their engine.

evil_element2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )


SilentNegotiator2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

[Dang it, another accidental double post]

Software_Lover2047d ago

Bing has actually found a few sites for me that google was not able too on a few occasions. For some reason though, its just easier to type than, lol. I now have Bing as my homepage.

Grap2047d ago

Maybe Bing is better but i can't see myself use Search engine other than Google.

evil_element2047d ago

Bing was recently highlight to have 80% hackage for spam bots and robots filling up the first 100 results of any web inquiry.

aviator1892046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

You should realize that a lot of those reports are usually biased.
They usually just aim their tests at portions where they think one of the search engines will likely fail and pin it against it. Now, if they further generalized the test, I think we'd have a different story.

evil_element2046d ago

I use Bing daily for analytical data gathering. I can easily believe in this report.

aviator1892046d ago

Like your word is actually good on the internet?

Cirran2047d ago

Searching stuff is so old school. Its all about googling stuff.

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