The amazing features of the Toyota Smart Insect

MT: "A new Toyota concept car featuring facial recognition and Microsoft Kinect technology has been named the Smart Insect because of its creepy-crawly design."

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gaffyh2079d ago

The dumb thing about this car is that because the doors open like wings, the car will need a full paring space, otherwise the driver won't be able to exit the car. Making it almost pointless in being a small car.

Software_Lover2079d ago

Yeah, they should have tried to engineer Lambo type doors. But then again this is a one seater and a very,very small car. You might still have enough clearance.

hellvaguy2075d ago

Goes to show some people will pay a premium for gimics. Forget about the savings you'll get from fuel (which should be the focus of a vehicle like this).

With a price tag projected to be $25k, your not saving anything. Just the perception that your green, but in reality, just drive around in a wierd, undersized, overpricing, car.