Adobe Plugs 25 Holes in Flash Player

Maximum PC: "Hardly a month goes by without Adobe plugging holes in its widely used Flash Player. On Monday, the San Jose-based software company ensured that October did not turn out to be one of those rare months by updating Flash Player across all the four platforms it is available on."

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justinbkerr1687d ago

I'm glad Chrome takes care of these updates for me.

Speed-Racer1687d ago

Uhh you do realize even on other browsers, Flash always prompts you to update, right?

Soldierone1686d ago

Firefox does it too.Randomly restarted and it said "for your safety we auto updated Flash"

Crazay1687d ago

I'm pretty tired of the constant Adobe updates. That bloody notification comes up way too muckin fuch. I usually just ignore it.

Soldierone1686d ago

I actually added it to the "threat list" on my system settings protector I just need to click "ignore" once and it stops bugging me.

cleft51687d ago

I will be so glad when HTML5 becomes standard place and Flash is a thing of the past.

evil_element1686d ago

Flash will soon join netscape in the www museum.

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