Red Bull Stratos LIVE. Watch The Record-Breaking Freefall From The Edge Of Space Here

NRM: "Felix Baumgartner will attempt the world's first supersonic free fall from the edge of space, and we will be showing the whole thing live from 1:30pm GMT."


Mission Aborted until tomorrow due to gusty winds.

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Software_Lover2054d ago

Boo!!!!!!! I do this $h!t in my sleep all the time. They should just record my dreams, lol

MWH2053d ago

good one. maybe we should cross-dreams sometime and others too.

stubbed_out2054d ago

Absolutely gutted tonight..can't wait for the gusty winds to f*ck off.

Ben_Grimm2054d ago

Didn't they do this already in a movie with Guy Pierce!


PS4OUR2054d ago

Joe Kittinger will finally be dethroned after how many years. I hope they release unedited helmet cam

b163o12054d ago

That was my only complaint about Kittinger jump, I really wanted to watch his vessel disappear into the sky. Should be good to watch, hope the cover it with a lot of angles...

calis2054d ago

What helmet cam are they using? Do you know?

M_Prime2054d ago

tomorrow is another day

Speed-Racer2054d ago

Any idea when they plan to start the procedure?

Speed-Racer2054d ago

Hmmmm. I forgot that today's launch was actually supposed to take place in the morning. Would have been pissed if I missed it.

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