Sony C650X ‘Odin’ model number uncovered [2013 flagship]

XperiaBlog: Sony Mobile is revamping its model numbers from 2013 onwards. Gone is the ST/MT/LT code structure to denote small, medium and large touchscreen handsets. Instead what we now have is a new five character model number that will be the new standard going forward.

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blumatt2081d ago

As much as I love Sony, I stick with Apple for my phone needs. My iPhone 5 will arrive soon.

I will say, though, that it is getting increasingly hard to stay away from these new Android phones.

They're improving all the time and offer many features the iPhone will probably not get for many more years, sadly.

edgeofsins2081d ago

I like iPhones. They are nice but they should make like a XL one or something.

I personally prefer Android now that I have gotten used to the OS. The main thing about Android though is it supports dozens of phones. So I don't get Android for the OS but for the phone itself.

The Galaxy Note will be mine someday.

listenkids2081d ago

I would love to read the views on the people who disagreed with your opinion.

blumatt2080d ago

I woul love to read them too. LoL

Mark4842081d ago

I am sure that sony will do it again with 2013 phones...