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Apple publicly addresses iPhone 5 purple halo issue

Cnet : Following private support e-mail, Apple posts a document that recommends owners tilt their camera lens away from light sources to prevent flares from appearing on images.

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KingPin2085d ago

so its like hunting see, instead of hiding downwind so animals cant smell your scent you have to stand with your back to the sun so you don't get lens flares. so people, to be safe, use your camera early mornings or late evening (so the sun has a 90% chance of being out of your way).
at night there will be multiple light sources so you screwed, but fear not, why would u need to take a pix at night right. but on the bright side (no pun intended), your maps wont get you to any sights worth taking pix of. so you need not worry. well there you have it. hope you found this educational. best of luck and Godspeed with your iphone 5.