Samsung Allegedly Testing A Smartphone With 3GB of Memory

pocketnow: The image above shows a device (though multiple instances) which is said to be a prototype under testing. Even though the label on the phone says “3Gb”, the source confirmed to SamMobile that we’re indeed looking at 3GB of RAM.

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SnakeCQC2082d ago

not that hard to beleive but is it necessary 2gb is far more than enough

2082d ago
KingPin2082d ago

that awesome to hear.

Now i wont have to upgrade every 2 years.

Elvis2082d ago

People have said the same thing about 2GB's of RAM, 1GB's of RAM and also 512MB's RAM.... It's good that people who want to hold technology back like you don't have an influence in the industry.

f7897902082d ago

This isn't about advancing the industry. This is about buffing up the tech specs so naive people think they are getting something they will benefit from.

By the time 3GB could be beneficial, the phone will be replaced. No point.