The Concept of Product Patents is Killing the Technology Sector

AH: There is increasing concern about the concept of patents and the detrimental effects it is having on most industries especially with the growing number of (patent) litigation and counter litigation in the technology segment and more visibly in the Mobile telecoms arena.

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ArmrdChaos2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Because the a$$hats in the patent office are signing off on things so vague these days it allows for these gray areas of contention. If a tech company spends more time on abusing patents than research & development they deserve to be put out of business. It's getting as bad as politics...nothing but conflict and no progress.

Gondee2030d ago

The patent system wasn't really designed with technology in mind.

They need an informed board, one who knows the fundamentals of technology and software. Right now we have people that don't understand what is basic concept (like an axle on a car) is and what a real innovation that can set a brand apart (deserving to be protected)

evil_element2030d ago

Patents are there for a reason. The issue lies with abuse of the system.

The Dyson Hoover has over 200 patents to protect Mr Dyson's hoover he made a decade ago. Patents stop cheap Asian companies ripping off ideas and concepts from such as Dyson.

KingPin2029d ago

tell that to Apple.

Up until they came into the market, ive never heard of nokia, moto, samsung, htc etc have such a big case as this one. they all got along fine with each other. they "borrowed" and "shared" each others ideas and the consumer got the benefits.

but with Apple its "All your rectangles and rounded corners belong to us!!"