Google warns of more Motorola cuts, revises up third-quarter bill

(Reuters) - Google Inc revised up the bill for job cuts at its money-losing Motorola Mobility mobile phone unit in the third quarter and warned of further restructuring that may result in "significant" additional charges.

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newsguy2233d ago

Google buys motorola to lay them off? No, Google, don't be mean like that! :/

evil_element2233d ago

Welcome to Google (marketing company) run by corporate grey suited men. They bought Motorola to suck it dry of all its patents and now they are throwing the empty shell of Motorola to the wolfs.

This was done in the name of Android and is the less pretty sight of Google operations.

Give Google a decade or two and they will feast their eyes on Microsoft. When they do they will bleed it dry of everything it has and the company will exist no more.