Like something on Facebook, go directly to jail

Today in Tech via Y! Tech: You might want to think twice the next time you Like those Facebook pictures of your cousin's new baby or retweet something funny from your friends — especially if you live in the Philippines. According to the new Cybercrime Prevention Act, you can go to jail.

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karim2086d ago

So you could end up next to rapists, murderers, child molesters because you liked or RTd something inappropriate, great job from the Philipines government

Blackdeath_6632085d ago

these laws on piracy and cybercrime are far to general and most people who will be affected are most likely going to be either completely innocent or incompetent. people who commit crimes on the internet or download pirated software will either find a way around these laws or atleast know what not to do to avoid being arrested. i think this whole issue will drag on for years the only thing i am scared of is attempts by governments to censor,restrict or control the internet.

tarbis2085d ago

Penalty for rape in our country is only 3 yrs only in prison while 12 yrs for cybercrime even if it just liking. Maybe I'll stop trolling in the net and do some real life trolling instead.

tiffac0082085d ago

Don't forget Murder is only 10 years and a Philippine Senator Plagiarizing a blogger? Gets no punishment at all.

He even had the audacity to insert internet libel at the last minute and had the galls to claims he is innocent of any unconstitutional act.

Can our country get any worse? Yes, yes it can!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2085d ago

Wow people can actually sleep after making these laws?

Yi-Long2085d ago

... I'm afraid they'll be far too excited(!)

Scary evil men, making such laws, oppressing a nation's freedom.

tiffac0082085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

They passed this law out of the blue. Our Reproductive Health bill got stalled because the Church deems the use of condoms and contraceptives evil, our Anti-Racism law got stalled because some people in the Government and especially the Church does not like LGBTs and our Freedom of Act law got stalled because they don't want to tell the people where the tax payers money go.

But a Cybercrime law with sections that acts like SOPA/PIPA and a late insertion of INTERNET LIBEL was passed with flying colors even though it breaks the Philippine Constitution when it comes to Freedom of Speech and Information.

Welcome to the Philippines, where e-Martial law happens.

Deadpool6162085d ago

What do you cherish the most? Your country, or your distractions?

tiffac0082083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

If you think this is about distractions then you are sadly mistaken, that reasoning fails in comparisons to the abuse they can do with this law.

Try to read and understand what they added in the law and research the other bills I just mentioned and think for a minute which law can actually help 95 million people whom more than half is under poverty.

Since this is my last bubble and I don't like PMing people. I will try to explain more. Why I feel this law needs to be amended.

Now the intentions of this law is great. It has a lot to offer but there are just some provisions that are prone to abuse.

First under section 19 or what is now known as the "Take down" clause they can shutdown or block access to any website, fan page, blog or whatever that they deemed unfit by just by FACE VALUE. No investigation is required, no court order is required. There is no clear definition on what they can deem unfit for access. So they can block access to more than just torrent sites.

On to Libel, a few years back this happened:
Now imagine them doing that to the bloggers and journalist who posts online. They can easily kill off Freedom of Speech and Information because a lot of us cannot pay for legal counsel. This is a scare tactic, that is only justified by dictatorships which we are not. Not to mention this part of the law was a last minute insert after the 2nd plenary hearing.

Deadpool6162083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

You may be one out of millions, but having decisive knowledge on matters is more power than you can imagine. Glad to see that you care dearly about your country and the people within it.

spartanlemur2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

See, this is the sort of situation where foreign governments need to intervene. I don't care how independent you are; this is injustice and must be stamped out.
Arbitrary morality from a government which can be ideologically corrupt (admittedly my own (UK) can be so at times, although less often) is a plague upon the face of the Earth and needs to be stopped.
In a globalised world, we all need to share and encourage the same secular humanist, utilitarian mindset if we are to ensure justice for all. To not do so would be ignorant and a betrayal to the innocent Filipinos affected by such a corrupt piece of legislation as this.

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