Your Most Anticipated Phone

TechSpce: What upcoming phone are you most excited about?

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AsimLeonheart1993d ago

Same here. Currently on a Galaxy Nexus and love it.

Hatsune-Miku1993d ago

Google glasses, or google goggles whatever it is called is the best phone I'm anticipating

360ICE1993d ago

Wow, media really ignores Xperia T. It's the most powerful phone on the market, but no "lalalalallalalaGalaxylal alalalaliPhonelalalalal"

Whatever, I'm going to go have sex with my Xperia S.

karim1993d ago

You don't wanna know..

360ICE1993d ago

Well, techspy has guidelines, but I'll just leave these two keywords for you: Touch-screen and USB-port

You fill in the blanks.

rustyspoon801993d ago

I think it's down to Sony's marketing...again. They're only just advertising the Xperia S in the UK.
I've just upgraded from Xperia Play to the T.
Its a great phone. Loving the screen.

Speed-Racer1993d ago

I love the Xperia's design and power but their slow update timeline is the biggest turn off. I guess you could always go the root of installing a custom ROM.

frjoethesecond1993d ago

I like how you said root instead of route. Classy.

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