Android Could Overtake Apple in Tablet Market

Forbes : A few months ago, it was common knowledge that Apple owned the tablet market. And there was data to back that up. A year ago, according to a report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Apple enjoyed 81% of the tablet market, but that lead has been reduced to 52%. Now, says the report, “Nearly half, 48%, now own an Android-based device; about half of them, 21%, Kindle Fires.” The Kindle Fire uses Google’s Android operating system with a different user interface and access to Amazon’s app marketplace rather than the Google Play app store.

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AgentWhite2061d ago

Android has the capability to beat apple in every field but it would take more then some time.

Speed-Racer2061d ago

They will be Apple at the rate they are progressing.

AgentWhite2061d ago

Apple has a unique identity and reputation they have build it for years now , but the truth is some of the apple lovers are now shifting towards android .

Gondee2060d ago

Android is just a subsystem in the tablet market. Manufactures use it because its free and already has a built feature set. Kindle Fire, Nook, all those devices don't really contribute to the android ecosystem. They shouldnt count.

That said, the implementation of the IPad is still years ahead of andoid on tablets.

fatstarr2060d ago

I see apple falling back into its old category soon enough. products and such for a niche crowd

Software_Lover2061d ago

There is one Apple vendor and one Apple tablet. There are multiple android vendors and hundreds of variations of android tablets running on different versions of the O.S.

It would be a failure if Android does not surpass IOS in that regard.

KingPin2061d ago

true, but the mindless zombies that buy into the hype outnumber android vendors, variations and tablets.

Kaneda2060d ago

so you just hate people buying ipad and not android?

fatstarr2060d ago

*Apple Casual jumpoff groupie zombie*

BRAAIIInns** Applesssssssssssssss *drool* appleeeeee
Must wait in line 3 weeks early for the next apple product

thebudgetgamer2060d ago

Yet not one will come close to the Ipad.

QSPR2060d ago

you mean the giant ipod touch with no flash support, no memory slot, usb support, hdmi out of the box?? you mean the one with no camera, another one with nitification bar(android) or the suoer "retina display"???

QSPR2060d ago

still on the play store or you can download it by yourself

thebudgetgamer2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Alright. Flash stinks.