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Samsung Galaxy S3 pips iPhone 5 in screen stakes

Digitalspy: Apple's new iPhone 5 has a technically inferior screen compared to Samsung's Galaxy S3, but the Korean firm may be "providing technology for technology's sake".

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KingPin2084d ago

"providing technology for technology's sake"

that describes Apple more than Samsung.

rehashing the same phone with minor updates annually.

the jump between the S2 And S3 is huge. almost double the specs and higher quality screen. Samsung do have a lot more models on the market but thats just to cover an entire market from entry level to top-of-the-range.

Apple only has one phone. and i know people are gonna say if u want an entry level phone, get a lower iphone. problem is, they stopped selling iphone3/4 brand new. and im not one to buy second hand phones. who knows what repairs were done on it. so yeah, Apple should maybe start selling more than 1 phone at a time.

M_Prime2083d ago

but the beauty in offering 2 phones (yes, apples offers 4s and 5 through most carriers) is that your entire userbase has pretty much the same phone, making developing much easier. And its always a premium phone as in you will get updates from a very long time, you have warranty from apple and you can buy applecare, the phone isn't plastic and so on. It may not be the best technically speaking but it has a lot of advantages of not splintering the users so everyone with the newest phones has all the best features but the older phones (i'm on 3Gs still, waiting for my 5) still gets support and they still work relatively well.

my brother has a droid HTC and my cousin has the Moto Razr droid and both phones have different specs and certain things run differently even though they have the same software, to me thats alright but i rather have everything optimized for my phone. The iPhone does what i want it to do, and i am happy.

M_Prime2083d ago

also i can't load the article, it keeps loading the and the .ca site alternatively in a loop. so whatever was written in there i can't relate to