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Should the iMac be Worried From All in One Computers?

Chillopedia | The iMac has held the crown of 'best all-in-one' for years. But recent developments by other competitor manufacturers are starting to see impacts on the numbers. Why should Apple be worried? Firstly, there’s the numbers. In 2010, all-in-one computer sales were predicted to be up 68 percent, to 11.5 million units worldwide – with Apple's new iMac losing 12 percent of its 50 percent market share.

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Software_Lover2064d ago

Only if they are as good looking and as functional as the lenovo a720. That is by far the best all in one I have seen from anyone.

All I need is an all in one with a quad core cpu, decent graphics, usb 3.0 and thunderbolt/firewire.