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iPhone 5 Review | IGN

IGN: "The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone by a long shot and a strong candidate for the mobile phone throne."

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Moentjers2030d ago

Funny, after initial bashing (guess by who) the quality of the iPhone comes in the picture.

Sucitta2030d ago Show
M_Prime2029d ago

this site seems filled with iPhone haters.

To each their own i say, if you like iPhone go with that, if you like Android go with that, if you like Windows then go with that. Its simple really.

Personally i like the fact that all iPhones are the SAME, like the PSVita or the 3DS. no matter what the app/software will run on those. I am a fan of unified hardware.

jony_dols2029d ago

I normally like most of Apple's releases, because they help change things up a bit. Hell they effectively kicked off the whole smartphone craze to begin with....

But, they're recent products seem uninspired & tend to be accompanied by an hugely inflated price. I by no seems hate the Iphone, but I do hate the 'sheep' that buy every iteration without question regardless of it's quality.

Rockubot2029d ago

I like the iPhone 5 it is awesome also thinnner, and faster with the A6 chip in it. Also I like the idea that it has LTE it loads up the data quicker while browsing the web on it.