Top 3 iPhone 5 Faults Due To Which Users are Not Happy With Their Smartphone

Chiphazard : While there are some minor issues that prevailed with every iPhone release like poor battery life, WiFi connectivity etc, there are many other problems that prevails with iPhone 5. Following are the top things that disappointed many iPhone 5 users.

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M_Prime2033d ago

i wish people waited for official reviews like it said at the end of the article, so i could get mine already!

People are really nit picking this phone ever since launch.

TKCMuzzer2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I personally think the maps issue shows their complete arrogance as a company. Their license to use Google maps does not run out until june 2013. If they were a customer focused company they would have left Google maps on ios 6 until theirs was ready to launch. They are so obsessed with keeping everything Apple enclosed that they forgot one important thing, service to the customer.
I also think when an unlocked iphone 5 retails for over £500 on the Apple shop then nitpicking is allowed.

M_Prime2033d ago

the maps part i agree.

but the fact that its a 'slower phone' and it beats out a lot of faster phones in tests makes me think that the phone is well built and is quite clever. But i wish they gave the option to keep Googlemaps

Speed-Racer2033d ago

Things like scratches... seriously? The purple haze though is a serious issue, along with maps. I guess the new adapter could be an issue for those who have multiple iDocks etc.

Crazay2033d ago

Even I'll admit that the scratching is stretching it. Shit happens and things get scratched. Aluminium scratched quite easily no matter how careful you try to be with it.

The first thing I said when they announced this thing was that the people with all the accessories were going to be cheesed about that.

gaffyh2033d ago

I've had so many issues with iOS 6 on my 4s. Disappearing bookmarks, mail not working, apps crashing to name a few. The worst firmware so far, wish I could roll back to previous iOS 5, at least it worked and had YouTube

Crazay2033d ago

That sucks gaffy. My sister in Law was saying it's been a nightmare for her too.

eferreira2033d ago

smooth as silk on my end