Apple loses bid for music app icon trademark

Cnet: Apple's efforts to trademark an icon for its iOS music player in the U.S. have been denied due to design from a company that no longer exists.

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KingPin1907d ago

ay Apple. this is getting ridiculous.

wanna patent the colour orange while you at it?

frjoethesecond1907d ago

Some raging full retard apple fanboy seems to have disagreed with you.

KingPin1907d ago

those stealth disagrees pop up in a lot of Apple articles.

Crazay1907d ago

Its long past ridiculous. Its mile past that my friend. Next stop...patent the word "phone".

KingPin1907d ago

Crazay and frjoethesecond

your guys comments are classic. :P

hazelamy1906d ago

i'd say they're light years past ridiculous by now.

and don't give them ideas.
they've probably already got lawyers looking into trademarking the letter I.

jerethdagryphon1906d ago

this is great news this shows a whole

one thing about it if one can fall they may reexaminie other icons and declare then invalid in fact they may show them as public domain

Gondee1907d ago

Whats wrong with trademarking a icon that people associate with you. All companies do it.

Crazay1907d ago

Really? People associate a music note with Apple now? Since when? Since Apple says they do? Give your head a shake dude. Sometimes the things I read here make me want to cry and punch a baby panda right in the face.

Gondee1905d ago

Its not just the music not idiot its the icon, colors and all, as a whole. And it really is a "icon" for apples music experience on all of the mobile products.

Companies can't use the Spotify symbol on their products either "OOHH, ARE THEY JUST GOING TO TRADEMARK 3 UPWARD LINES, OMG THIS SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE RARRRRWWWW"
^thats you

frelyler1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I associate that mark with sheet music or a musical note, not Apple. It's not like music did not exist before Apple and Itunes. It's out of hand and if you deny it then you are blind to reason.

Crazay1905d ago

First - Shhhhh....The adults are talking there's no need for juvenile behaviour such as name calling.

2nd, Spotify is a logo for their company. clearly displaying the wireless transfer/broadcast of music to the skies - not even close to the same thing at all

Trademarking a company LOGO is different because it's the LOGO that customers identify with. People don't look at a music note and think "Oh that must be an Apple thing".

Speed-Racer1907d ago

Apple's 2012/2013 business model - Trademark everything, sue others for using them. If they make profits from iPhones, then that's a benefit.

kingPoS1907d ago

Why are Apple trying patent universal concepts? Are they seeking to operate by association alone?

hazelamy1906d ago

actually i think they're seeking to just operate alone.
sue every possible competitor to death so they have a total monopoly.

anybody remember when apple used to be the little guys fighting against this kind of crap?
now they're worse than any of the companies they were fighting against.

guess they just proved the old saying that power corrupts.

fatstarr1907d ago

I would enjoy the ridiculousness that would have occurred if they got this patent.

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