Why the iPhone 5 doesn't have an AMOLED screen

Techradar: It's 123.8mm long and its much-hyped Retina screen measures an impressive 1,136 x 640 pixels – achieving an eye-popping 326 pixels per inch – but does the iPhone 5 have the high-end screen it should?

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iSpy2036d ago

iPhone 5 screen is top class regardless of the technology used.

Azmatik2035d ago

And how does that make sense at all? Im using a tube T.V. Made by apple, oh but im using a LED T.V. From Sony. Apple still has top of the line screen. Is that how ur logic works?

sikbeta2035d ago

Duh, because you can put a big @ss CRT-brick display on anything Apple and the sheeps will but it bindly

darren_poolies2035d ago

What so if the iPhone 5 was just a red brick it would be top class?

Gondee2036d ago

I do admire apple for not trying to build hype by saying "OOO LOOK OLED!!!" or whatever the newest tech might be. The perception and hype of their product is solely based on performance and how the end user perceives it.

Azmatik2035d ago

So you dont want the conpany you stand behind using all the newest

Gondee2034d ago

Reread my comment.

I can't argue with someone whos only capable of reading the first sentence....

sikbeta2035d ago

They don't because, new tech = more expensive, why adding the best if the masses will buy it based on brand alone and don't care about something better?

frjoethesecond2035d ago

I'm not a huge fan of AMOLED. Too much contrast IMO. Much prefer the SLCD's that some of the other android vendors like HTC use. Retina's are nice too.

mcgrottys2035d ago

retina only refers to Pixels per inch (PPI), and it is a term coined by apple for marketing therefore if another company used that term they may get in trouble. The SIII lumia 920 and any other phone with a HD display can be described as retina displays.

Retina refers to the PPI being high enough that the human eye can not distinguish individual pixels from a certain distance (usually 1-3ft).

frjoethesecond2035d ago

Didn't know that. Thanks for the info. I assume the apple phones use some kind of LED backlit IPS panel then? Similar to the HTC One X etc?

krisq2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I thought the same until I started using Sleeping Screen on N8 and NoLED on my SII. You can't do that on anything but AMOLED.

frjoethesecond2035d ago

Why not? I'm not trying to be clever. I honestly don't know.

krisq2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Because AMOLED screens do not use backlighting. It's the pixels that are illuminating. Black pixels don't illuminate that's why you can have simple 'always on' clock/ notifications with practically zero impact on the battery. Very, very handy IMO. The only backdraw is, white pixels eat 30% more energy than the rest. That's why it's recommended to use dark themes and wallpapers on AMOLED screens.

M_Prime2035d ago

reading this article, it seems to be making a effort to let consumers know that OLED is the future for TVs. however the apple part seems just pushed in but still a good read

attilayavuzer2035d ago

They're saving it for the iPhone 6

krisq2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

And also another row of icons.