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The iOS 6 disaster: Apple bit off way more than it could chew

Extremetech: I will just say it. For the first time in iOS’s five year history, the operating system is a mess. While some of the enhancements are wonderful and much needed (Siri especially), there’s a lot wrong with iOS 6.

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thebudgetgamer2099d ago

That's odd since almost every other review I have seen have been positive. Oh well, opinions.

KingPin2099d ago

but every other review is also just opinions.

if you wanna be sure whose right, get the phone and make up your own. who knows, some guy might say this phone is super disappointing but he might not have your taste so to you the phone could be amazing or vice-versa.

all reviews are is to get a better understanding of the product. no reviewers conclusion is concrete

thebudgetgamer2099d ago

I`m pretty happy with my Droid 3. I get that not everyone is going to like it but to say it is a disaster is being a bit over dramatic in my opinion.

Gondee2099d ago

This article is so legit.

"Passbook would have been infinitely better had Apple added NFC support into the iPhone 5"

M_Prime2099d ago

But how many things in the real world use NFC? i have barely seen any that work with it, hell my credit card has the tap to pay thing but at retailers it NEVER WORKS. I have yet seen a place i can use NFC to do anything (i live in Toronto) so why implement something that very few people use?

BryanBegins2098d ago

My paypass thing for my credit card used to never work as well. But I'm 5 for 5 during the last few weeks lol Seriously, everytime I tap to pay and it works, I do a victory sign.

Fingers crossed.

Kaneda2098d ago

NFC feature is for fanboy to brag about. They don't care if it is widely use or not, and they would rather carries multiple batteries so they can swap out when their droid battery is drain, instead plug it in to your computer to charge...

jeeves862098d ago

My Paypass works everywhere.

There are other things that NFC can be used for as well, not just mobile payments.

M_Prime2099d ago

This article seems to be just against the new MAPS, which i agree with. I haven't gotten my iPhone5 yet but i am not looking forward to loosing google maps. Though lucky for me i have a working SIM card from work that has DATA so i will pop that into my 3Gs for mapping and use that as a work phone.

Also this article says SIRI is a JOKE and its SLOW. Again, its the best one out there at the moment. There have been a few reviews putting Siri against Google VOICE or whatever the Droid call it and Siri led in a lot of tasks. I don't think average people understand how difficult it is to do voice recognition. Not only do you need to account for accents and the way people speak but background noise and style of speaking. Siri is much better at responding to the way regular people talk, to work around this hard task google has made the user use command words to do things. like you have to say the word (i think) message after the name if you want to text someone..

so on Siri you can say "text mike 'i'll be there soon'" on google its "text mike message 'i'll be there soon'"

also it seems to be very powerful under the hood according to

so this story is doing exactly what it needs to get the hits, and i clicked it but either way if i agree or not he gets ad revenue.

evil_element2098d ago

I am still happy to see Apple drop support for all google products in their own devices. e.g. maps and youtube

Lets be truthful here. Apple don't make the map data nor do they record map data. The company tomtom are the ones responsible for all of this stuff. (They have been around longer than google maps have been)

No product has ever launched without a hitch, that includes Google with their maps. Wasn't that long ago people cried out foul play when they recorded:

Peoples car number plates
Peoples faces
People being attacked
Unwanted images - (Accidents i.e. fires, accidents...
Recording of personnel wi-fi data (users and passwords)

gdguide2098d ago

I'm fine with Apple dropping services. But not when what they replace it with is years behind. iMaps is wayyyyy behind. It's up to Apple to make sure when they decide to have their own maps that the data they are using is wayyyyy better than what they are using. Google maps might have had hiccups, but at the time it was still the best mapping option. Apple decided to take a 9/10 mapping application and replace it with a 4/10 mapping service.

sandman2242098d ago

Yep apple just likes to milk the uneducated fan base who only know the label! I've been with apple for 5 years. So I've experienced all there phones. Since the release of iPhone 5 I've never been more sure than ever to buy me a galaxy s3. Thank you apple for helping me decide.

Gondee2098d ago

How are they milking their fanbase? IOS is free... There are plenty of other free mapping applications

Im glad you finally decided which phone to buy so you can stop trolling.

eferreira2098d ago

haha clearly this guy was with apple for 5 years. I don't mind the maps. It works well and the 3d map mode is pretty neat. Siri has always worked with me about 99 percent of the time. Have no idea what this reviewer is talking about.

sandman2242098d ago

I'm not trolling. I'm just tired of apple not surprising me with anything new. I do like the build quality of the iPhone and the touch responsiveness. I think they should have done more.

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