$1 Billion Wasn't Enough for Apple in Samsung Case

Yahoo News-"Unsatisfied with a jury awarded in August, Apple in their case against Samsung to give Apple almost twice as much, and to enact a wide-ranging ban that could include the iPhone's biggest competitor."

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Gondee2101d ago

Apple doesnt care about the money, it never did. It was to shut down, what it believes is manufacturing of stolen ideas. Only court time will tell what really is happening.

On the plus side, this i hope pushes samsung to get original and start producing phones that compete in both build quality and uniqueness of features with Apple.

Grap2101d ago

hahaha the most stupid comment i have ever read BTW sorry about liking ur comment damn mouse do stupid things these days just like ur comment.

Gondee2100d ago

Can't you have an objective conversation? Is everyone on this site 13? Are you 13? You made yourself look stupid, and you made me think your stupid..... Did you mean to do this?

At least the people below you presented some sort of evidence as to why they disagreed. Expressing their view = the reason for comments.

GuyManDude2100d ago


You do realize that Apple's "patents" include things like "round edges" and "a thin bezel with a touchscreen" right? You can't just say that round edges on a phone are off limits.

That's what prior art laws are for. I would imagine that a lot of this lawsuit will be thrown out via prior art (meaning other companies had Apple's supposed "ideas" in place in other products before Apple did, which is the case in a majority of their patents).

jerethdagryphon2096d ago

apples patents include.

a flat front of a phone as in smooth

integral search engine

effectively right clicking. (a gesture or function
that when triggered shows options )

rounded rectangle

thats how stupid there patents are a large number are going to be reexamined

360ICE2100d ago

But of course, Steve Jobs himself said "We've always been shameless about stealing great ideas", refering to Apple. (No, really. Check embedded video)

Is there really anything else you need to know to draw the conclusion that Apple aren't on an honest crusade against theft, but that they rather just really like money, and messing with their competition?

Oh, and hi. They're the world's largest corporation. Bigger than Exxon. No, but you're right. They just stumbled into that money. They didn't grab every damn dollar they could get a hold of every step along the way.

SaiyanFury2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Honestly, I don't even think it's about the money. Samsung is Apple's largest competitor in the tablet/smartphone market, and personally, I think this lawsuit is about removing a draw from perspective Apple buyers. Although, I'm of the opinion that many people who buy Samsung devices are more geared towards Android, and want nothing to do with Apple. In a few weeks, I'm going from Verizon, back to Straight Talk, and I'm going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S2 that's recently been added to their phone list. I don't need the latest and greatest, but I think the S2 is still a very viable device, and I don't have to pay 80+ dollars per month for Verizon. ST's 45 dollar per month plan is all I need.

Thatguy-3102100d ago

Your right in the part where Apple isn't doing it for the money. They are basically suing Samsung because that's the only manufacture company that competes with the iPhone in terms of hype. The Samsung galaxy phones are able to compete against the iPhone and Apple risks losing market so that's why they're also trying to ban them. Apple is a coward by not taking risks and are trying to eliminate the competition so they won't look bad.

Thatguy-3102100d ago

Apple copies the features off the Android phones. Dude have you see the pull down notification gesture that android phones had first? Guess not. Hope you have fun playing with the new Lighting adapter that's all 'digital?!?'.

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TKCMuzzer2100d ago

Apple need to concentrate on their own products, the iPhone 5 is the most single handed attempt to rip people off by releasing something new that really isn't. If anyone should be in court its Apple. If anyone believes they have never copied ideas then you really are in the Apple bubble.

CerebralAssassin2100d ago

Why change a design that works? Why change the design of a phone that other companies want to copy? Seems pretty stupid to me. They would be shooting themselves in the face by doing that.

Games4M - Rob2100d ago

errrrr nobody wants to copy the design of the iphone 4/5 - it looks like shit

CerebralAssassin2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

@ Games4M

In your opinion they look look like shit. They look just fine to me. A good size phone. I don't want a mini tv in my pocket. And the point of my post wasn't to point out that other companies wanted to copy their phone you dumbasses. It was stating that changing a design of some that makes as much money as it does, into something that is questionable would lose the companiy potential sales.

A big company like apple doesn't take chances like that. Why? Bescause it's a stupid idea!!! Why do you think we see CoD every year with huge makeovers? Of the same sports game every year? Because it sells! Why change something that's not broken and still makes you money? Which is why they could shoot themselves in the face by changing they design. I swear people skim posts without actually reading.

shammgod2100d ago

Apple homers are so blind to this though.

Kingnichendrix2100d ago

This is so true this is why Apple will always do so well because Apple is like a state of mind

Muffins12232100d ago

Really?Cause it acully beats android phones in benchmarks.I wouldn't say there ripping people off.