Apple accused of stealing Swiss Rail Clock design

The Future Post: Swiss rail company SBB has accused Apple of stealing their clock face design.

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Captain Tuttle2095d ago

"He who lives by the sword" and all that

Speed-Racer2095d ago

Damn, this was pretty much blatant. Pretty sure if this was a Samsung clock, they would be suing from the get go.

Blackdeath_6632094d ago

this whole patent thing is getting way out of hand and i wouldn't encourage it. soon you won't be able to publish anything without getting sued for it.

SJIND2095d ago

Apple has patented the word 'SUE' and it just bouncing back on them and it is bouncing harder...

AsimLeonheart2094d ago

Apple has become the new face of evil and greedy corporation. Even Microsoft has had a time to relax out of the spotlight because of Apple's stunts.

Snooki2095d ago

They can't patent my beautiful face :)

RurouniKaze2095d ago

i TROLOLOLOLOL @ your dislikes

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The story is too old to be commented.