Nokia Lumia 920 Silenced Doubters With Demo of Optical Image Stabilization

Nokia Nobrainer: "For those who have no faith in Nokia’s Optical Image Stabilization technology, here is solid proof that it works, and works wonderfully at that. Nokia demoed OIS on the Nokia Lumia 920 with the Samsung Galaxy S3 to show which is better, both smartphones were strapped tight to a toy car, and off they went while recording."

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Software_Lover2099d ago

This (unless I like the HTC offerings we saw recently) and a Microsoft surface tablet will be my gifts to myself next month. They will work seamlessly for business and my personal use together. I can't wait.

aviator1892099d ago

Same for me.
I'm more excited for the entire complete and untied ecosystem is building for Windows 8 that extends through tablets, pcs, and the phones.

evil_element2099d ago

M$.... making an usable seamless experience lol Isn't that what M$ preached about Vista having.

aviator1892099d ago

It doesn't mean that a company's direction and efforts can't pay off another time. If you've been keeping up with the Windows 8 ecosystem and the various devices that Microsoft has tailored the unified system to, I don't think you'd have such a hard time understanding what I'm trying to say.