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Reasons Why The New Apple iPhone 5 is Simply Fine

TechWalls: "The new Apple iPhone 5 is the main subject on everyone’s lip since its announcement not too long ago. The device is expected to be the top selling smartphone this holiday season, and for a good reason. It is well known by everyone who have been following up the device that the iPhone 5 is not revolutionary, however, that is totally fine."

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M_Prime2102d ago

i wonder why the didn't mention that the iPhone5 comes with redesigned earbuds

KingPin2102d ago

so this article is stating that the SG3 has more functionality than the iphone but you wont be using any of it.

have they not heard of "future-proofing". a term which started when the xbox went head to head with PS3. people were like "who needs Blu-ray. who needs 3D. nobody needs that features. they useless. DVD is fine for now." but as 3D became more mainstream, people who bought a ps3 dont have to update their hardware. they also have the capability to play HD movies via blu-ray. im not stating this to start a console war. my point is that yes, you might not need them now, but theres nothing wrong with having them.

in 2 years time, maybe i wont have to update my phone. coz when everything is mainstream and Apple decides to add those features to their iphone, S3 owners dont have to update. sort of a "why buy a new one if you already have one" mentality.

also, samsung would know what improvements could be made as they are using it already. kinda like how google maps have been ironing out bugs which apple has as a newcomer.

so this article is wrong in thinking just coz iphone doesnt have it, you wont use it. From a consumer paying a hefty amount for such a device, id like the option to try it at least before saying i don't need it and wont use it. options are always nice to have as a consumer.

Sarcasm2100d ago

This is just a lame article making excuses for the iPhone 5.

You pay $199 for a Galaxy S3.
You pay $199 for an iPhone 5.

You get more for the same price.

WTF is wrong with these people trying to say otherwise.