'Unusable' Apple Maps bad news for drivers

MT: "In-car satellite navigation systems won't have to worry about the new Apple Maps feature on the iPhone 5 after it was panned immediately after launch by critics and users alike."

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thebudgetgamer2069d ago

They really dropped the ball on that.

Crazay2069d ago

WHat did CrApple users expect? That their copious billions of dollars would somehow make their NEW GPS mapping system could actually compete with all the time and money Google's already invested in theirs? Wishful thinking people.

Maybe in a few more years but it certainly won't be anywhere close in short order.

KingPin2068d ago

"but apple promised it would be REVOLUTIONARY." :(
- lost iphone owners.

thebudgetgamer2068d ago

Are you on your high horse because Android has never had issues with an app?

KingPin2068d ago

what high horse? why so serious?
where did i say android was perfect?