Do Your Website A Favour, Never Use Cloudflare

WML Cloud Writes - While the Cloudflare service is being heavily advertised to speed up websites, it can cause a number of issues for your blog or website.

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Speed-Racer2102d ago

Time to upgrade to a manly CDN such as NetDNA or Level3 (among others). Free stuff is never reliable.

blogger872102d ago

They seem to have partnered up with major services like Hostgator and BlueHost, they aren't informing users about the issues that can occur. People who are unaware of the Minification feature can even end up getting their adsense banned. I am an IT Pro so I had a few ideas but there are many novice users who will be used for testing this unstable service.

Speed-Racer2102d ago

I think if you are using W3TC in combination with Cloudflare, there are already preset rules to ignore any minification of Adsense code. They should also contact their hosts for the best options because sometimes shared servers usually recommend not enabling database caching for instance. Nonetheless, I prefer a more reliable solution. I use Level3 for all my CDN needs.

blogger872102d ago

I did ignore minification but my site was having odd issues even after I had selected the most optimized settings. In fact I was only using Cloudflare for caching. I use WP Super Cache for WordPress works fine without any issues. The minification issues can be commonly caused but they did not warn users about that I kept it turned off from the start.

sjaakiejj2102d ago

A well implemented minification algorithm will not change your code, just compress it. I don't believe that that should ever get you into trouble with adsense.

blogger872102d ago

The way your code is displayed can land you in trouble if it is abnormal in some way.

sjaakiejj2102d ago

No, interpreters really don't care about how code looks. In fact, internally all code is represented without comments, whitespaces and other unnecessary characters. The only thing a proper minification algorithm does is remove those characters before the code is interpreted.

A proper minification algorithm will never generate abnormal code.

Google's Closure tools on the other hand may land you in trouble, but they do more than just minification.

fatstarr2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

there's always some form of downtime when switching your DNS though.