Is Facebook dying?

IT World - Sure, it's got nearly a billion members. But I for one am dealing with a serious case of Facebook burnout. And I know I'm not alone.

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-Mezzo-2075d ago

I'm surprised it still haven't.

fatstarr2075d ago

casuals are just discovering the internet
+ summers over
it happens every year also once new features get added to fb again it becomes active.

wait till Halloween and this article wont seem relevant

Speed-Racer2075d ago

Twitter will almost dominate. It may not be on top but they've been around since 2004 and they are still effective as day 1. My favourite social network as it stands. It also comes down to who you follow and how interactive you are with your peers. As for Facebook, content is so irrelevant these days. I guess because everyone has backed off, it's less and less interactive.

Crazay2075d ago

I hate Twitter but I see the coming fall of the giant that is currently known as Facebook and one only has to look no further than the myriad of useless stupid fan pages that post nothing but Memes (whatever the hell that means) and those eeCard pics. Not a single day goes by where I'm not greeted by somone "Liking" a post by some fan page called "My mother says I shouldn't talk with food in my mouth's" ***insert Facebook action here*** or something of that ilk.

Couple that with the needless changes like Timeline, or the change in Legalese to the privacy policy or where privacy options are buried it's just time to move on to something else.

I'm growing extremely weary of it to be perfectly honest.

blogger872075d ago

Its not a matter of if but when Facebook dies out. We might see a sudden decline in active users like it happened to Orkut and MySpace.

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The story is too old to be commented.