DNA could be used to generate a picture of your face

The Future Post: Scientists have identified five genes that they believe can be used in facial reconstruction.

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SnakeCQC1917d ago

ohh god this is the beginning of gattaca

thorstein1917d ago

Great movie. But the moral debate is an interesting one. If you could, wouldn't you give your child every advantage possible?

SnakeCQC1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

i really dont know he would still be discrimated against for whatevers advantage he/she didnt have. I would definitely get rid of the the potential lactose intolerance
ps the guy in the film who had everything still only got a silver medal the main moral i think was having real passion and aspirations can easily erode any obstacle

chukamachine1917d ago

Rofl, i don't think it'll happen, but i'd like to see it.

360ICE1917d ago

It'll probably happen :/

Tzuno1917d ago

And if you have Ass face?

Soldierone1917d ago

The governments will step in and ensure the public never see's this again once its done.

Hozi1916d ago

Scientists are all talk until another proves them wrong 15 years from now.