Windows 8 Review (Maximum PC)

Maximum PC: "Windows 8 is not a want, it’s a necessity. Not for you, the consumer. For Microsoft.

We’d like to think that somewhere, somehow, a group of user interface experts like to meet up for lunch in one of Microsoft’s (likely) sprawling Redmond cafeterias. They talk about their days, their families, and how horrified they are at Microsoft’s decision—and need—to unify a single user experience across its entire product line."

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chand171954d ago

Have you personally tried windows 8?

mpctips1955d ago

The real question -- and one that we'll obviously have to wait to have answered -- is where will Microsoft take Windows from here? Will Metro stick, or will Windows 8 see a return to the classic desktop as the default UI?

justinbkerr1955d ago

Takes some getting used to, but this is a fair review. Well worth the read.

fanze1001954d ago

Microsoft is confused as hell at the moment.

Software_Lover1954d ago

Cant wait for the surface tablet. Dont plan on installing this on my desktop anytime soon.

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