The iPhone 5 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring

Wired: The iPhone 5 is the greatest phone in the world. It has top-notch hardware with a zippy new A6 processor and amazing four-inch display. Its new operating system, iOS 6, is slicker than slugs on ice. And its ultra-slim body, an all-glass and aluminum enclosure, is a triumph of industrial design. There is nothing not to like about the phone. It’s aces. Just aces.

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SJIND2049d ago

There is nothing to be excited, so cruelly boring....

iSpy2049d ago

Not yet. It will perform better than S3.

Aussiegamer2049d ago

In sales you mean?

Do you have shares in Apple ispy?

caseh2049d ago

Perform better in what respects? My S2 can pretty much run any game, app, movies etc without issues. I would imagine the S3 is overkill in terms of what it is capable of in a performance capacity.