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Apple’s big lie about the iPhone 5

MyBroadband writes that Apple recently unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone 5, but one of its claims is dubious at best

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UnagiMaster1991d ago

This is so childish, really debating about differences of millimeters?

evil_element1991d ago

This whole event has snow balled into an attack on the iPhone brand.

I dont get it. What were people expecting from Apple and the iPhone brand. Apple designs phones for their customer not creating designs for others to tax.

Maybe this will be the test for all the other companies out there. Since their phones are supposedly original designs lets what comes out in the next 12 months.

Will the Android users be right that Samsung and other tech companies innovate or will the tech companies panic with nothing to copy from?

crxss1991d ago

the motorola razr is a smartphone? where's this author getting their info from...

Dasteru1991d ago


Where are you getting your's from?

abc12331991d ago

No, it's a debate on a false claim made by a company looking to sell its product. What is so childish about that?

Raf1k11991d ago

I have a feeling the guy has something against Apple lol.

Seriously, Apple are trying to sell a product. Sure they should probably have looked around at their competitor's specs before making a claim like that but it's nothing to lose your head over.

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MEsoJD1991d ago

The razrs body is not consistent... It has that hump where the cameras located. Whatever the case, I want the little time I wasted reading this rant.