Go Daddy back online; service was not hacked or attacked

The Future Post: Go Daddy is back online after an unexpected server outage, not an attack by Anonymous (as they claimed).

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Soldierone2112d ago

I was thinking this was the case after reading the other article. Seems rather strange they come out and said it AFTER it happened and couldn't come up with a decent excuse for it. Seemed more like a quick "yep we did that!" type of thing to scare people.

KwietStorm2112d ago

Not that I have respect for then to begin with, but that's pretty weak.

thehitman2112d ago

lol so it wasnt even true

Blackpool2112d ago

Lmao@ the last article's comments.

pompombrum2111d ago

Why would they say it's not a hacker attack? By hackers trying to take the credit for the outage, it actually makes go daddy look innocent and gives them an excuse. By saying it wasn't a hacker and it was their faults for a seven hour downtime or however long it was, surely that looks worse?

Speed-Racer2111d ago

Ermmm no. If they got hacked, it would mean that their systems were compromised by an external party which is worse than having an internal failure. What is important is that their systems are still 'safe' from outside attack. If anon hacked the servers, I'd be more concerned about the safety of my data rather than the downtime.