Apple iPhone 5 to launch two days ahead, is there something missing?

PCGerms: The all new Apple iPhone 5 should be announced two days ahead as officially dated: September 12th and the event should be hosted at the Arts Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. With that being said, we’ve seen the iPhone 5 in bits before in terms of rumors which may turn official. Yet, did you notice one thing? When Steve Jobs was alive, there weren’t as many leaks as we are seeing today!

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Speed-Racer2052d ago

Silly article. I thought journalists were supposed to deduce possible outcomes and elaborate on them?

evil_element2052d ago

Article sounds like an attempt to increase traffic to their website. No more to be said.

Crazay2051d ago

Nuff said...moving along to post about how Dora the Explorers Backpack could become a reality. =P

ZILLA2051d ago

I think the apple pixie dust is wearing off.i dont feel that xcited for the iphone anymore.the trill is gone

LOL_WUT2051d ago

Really? Most of the articles about Apple on here reach the front page. You might not be excited, but the hundreds of people lining up to buy one sure are. Can't wait.

caseh2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Don't understand the obsession myself,I have a Galaxy S2 and when the S3 was announced I though 'oh cool' but had no incentive to get it IMMEDIATELY despite the S2 being the best phone i've ever owned. Yet Apple donkeys get all excited about the next iteration of what they effectively already own...a fool and his money are easily parted, should probably be an Apple slogan.

Lord_Sloth2051d ago

Is something missing from an Apple product? Aside from morals, any ounce of dignity or honor, and not a single use for any of them for me.

And now they want to control your phone time and when you have access to it. Apple's the new Nazis!

thebudgetgamer2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

That's right Apple is the new people that round up civilians shoot them in the back and bury them in mass graves were the ground moves for hours because some people aren't dead.

I get what you're saying, but c'mon

mananimal2051d ago


Metaphorically speaking, I agree & its dead on.

evil_element2051d ago

Cant blame people for being excited about something which they have no idea what is exactly.

Shame that all Asian companies post all year round what they are making. Spoils the big day when there ready to unveil the final product. Then its another 4-8 months before its ready to ship.

Could be a reason why PS3 was a flop, showed off in summer wait 8 months to see it in the shops.

pocketaces112051d ago

@Lord_Sloth & Mananimal

Really guys Nazis murdered people for not being them and what them perceived was perfection.

Is Apple as great as meny people perceive probably not... are they as bad probably not... everybody needs to stop living in black and white and bring balance back into this world. It seems every vocal person is either one extreme or another and will never move their ideals because they feel it is weakness or are too blind to notice the other side of the coin has some merit too. That my friends is what Naziism is about. So technically the blind haters and lovers of Apple and almost everything in this world are more like the Nazis then apple them selves.

Angainor72051d ago

Steve Jobs from presenting it...

evil_element2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Apple used a world of warcraft priest casting resurrection to bring him back for the day to show off the new iphone.