Attention Windows Purists: Thinix RetroUI Lets You 'Terminate' Windows 8's New Interface

Maximum PC: "RetroUI from Thinix is a software that Windows purists can now turn to if they want to use Windows 8 but just can’t stand the tile-based interface that the OS spits out once the user gets past the initial 'Lock Screen.'"

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justinbkerr2049d ago

Nothing wrong with Metro, people just need to give it a chance.

wishingW3L2049d ago

I gave it almost 4 months and didn't like it. Windows 7 for desktop is not only better but much more faster and efficient. Period.

There is no way to spin this fact.

SilentNegotiator2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

A blob of squares and rectangles packed VERY closely together? And being forced to START on that UI?

Nope, sorry, that will never stop being unintuitive. Not for touch devices or mouse.

Windows fanatics need to stop kidding themselves with this "people aren't giving it a chance!" nonsense. The beta has been out for a long time. And common sense in UI design hasn't changed, either. Metro is a bad idea for touch (with icons being too close together) and a REALLY BAD idea for desktops.

Enough spinning. You'll get dizzy.

thebudgetgamer2049d ago

I never been crazy about Windows but my curiosity always makes me want to get my hands on it (like all new tech) and give it a try.

aviator1892049d ago

I myself really like the meto portion of windows 8.

Whenever I'm in a rush or on the road, I just take out my laptop, flip the screen around for touch, open up metro, and just take a quick look at the tiles for the info that I need rather than going into the desktop, opening up a browser, going to the website, etc.

And for work purposes, I can just jump right into the traditional desktop mode. In my opinion, I can find no significant fault in this approach.

But that's just me.

duplissi2048d ago

thats the real purpose of metro! touch based... so of course you (owning a touch capable laptop) dont mind it! lol its designed for that type of use.

badkolo2048d ago

exactly, but i dont get why people in general dont see that, everything is going touch, all tablets are touch, all hybrids will have touch, so ms did the right thing, you have the choice to use it both ways, so they covered their bases and windows 8 is faster then win 7 in every way.

duplissi2048d ago

but if you dont have a touch capable system i dont see why microsoft made the start page the default..... smh.

Kurylo3d2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Yea its pretty lame. This is why every game developer and their mamas are saying that this is a backward step for their operating system.
Ill be stickn with windows 7 for as long as i can until they fix it with windows 9

And for the record... touch screen computers.. arent for serious people who use computers to build software or play real games. You just need more to be able to do that.