iPhone owners can’t sue Apple over broken glass, court rules

Gigaom: The glass screens of the iPhone 4 reportedly shatter at a rate 82% higher than earlier versions of the phone. This led consumers to bring a lawsuit claiming that Apple ads boasting about the glass were deceptive. The consumers are for now out of luck.

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Software_Lover2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Wow. Deceptive advertising but the consumer is S.O.L.

Whatever happened to judges using common sense when making some rulings? I have a feeling that if segregation laws were still in affect today, judges would just say "well those are the rules" and not use common sense to change the laws.

The judge is letting them revise their complaint though.

Kurylo3d2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

who said apple was legally obligated to use strong glass. Consumers fault for not doing the research. Reviewers fault for not spotting it. The glass is intact when they bought it. if they broke it they broke it.

Sux, but hey i gotta agree with the judge. If i built a product and people just happened to break it a lot... thats there fault.. they bought a fragile product.

Let this be a lesson to you, dont buy apple products. They are overpriced garbage ...

evil_element2113d ago

Correction @Kurylo3d anything breaks if u drop it. Including a shiny Samsung phone.

Glass by definition is a ceramic material which has no flexibility and features a high brittleness. Glass has awesome durability but external pressure, shock and vibration don't bow well for it.

Kurylo3d2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

@ evil element...

I really wasnt talking about the glass when i meant apple makes garbage products. I kinda speak frankly about everything apple does. Lol. I enjoy freedom with my devices. They are like the nazis of the technology industry.

I mean dont u agree that apple computers are overpriced as all hell? i mean im talkn about me getting a pc for 25% of the cost that the apple computer is.. and the pc is still way more powerful.

I like the functionality of hte ipad, but its too closed off.. When i develop software i have a hard time just showing it to potential investors who are in another state cause apple wont let u install anything unless its in the store.