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Intel Caught Off Guard by Weak PC Sales, Slashes Q3 Sales Forecast by a Billion Dollars

Maximum PC: ntel, the world's largest semiconductor maker, took a mighty big chisel to its third-quarter sales forecast and chipped off about a billion dollars due to "softness in the enterprise PC segment" and "weaker than expected demand in a challenging macroeconomic environment." The chipmaker had previously forecast third-quarter sales to be anywhere from $13.8 billion to $14.8 billion, but now says that $12.9 billion to $13.5 billion is a more realistic target.

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fanze1002087d ago

Don't care about the numbers much. All i am interested in is haswell

adorie2087d ago

I don't think Intel is resting on their laurels. Haswell in particular should be something that will help them transition into the age of tiny hardware that runs like a beast.

Going forward, after that, I believe in the next 10 or 15 years we will see another major player in this part of the tech ecosystem, drop out and give up or be bought out by those who would have a better, secure sight on the future.

Software_Lover2087d ago

The problem is that in the "techy?" sector, where people build their own machines, intel processors from a few gens ago are still powerful. I mean from core2quad on up to ivy bridge. Not a real need to upgrade. Then add that to the fact that the average just go out to the store and buy a pc family are starting to purchase tablets.

My only complaint, that has nothing to do with this story lol, is that its not fair that the mac's have freakin 12 core capability and you can barely find a good PC equivalent motherboard/case to build one.

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