Apple cuts memory chip order to Samsung for new iPhone: source

Reuters - "Apple Inc has reduced its orders for memory chips for its new iPhone from its main supplier and competitor Samsung Electronics Co, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday."

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Soldierone1993d ago

So they are going with full Chinese crap now? Yeah, I'll be staying away from Iphone 5 for sure.

Mark4841993d ago

May be its chinese crap .but I think Apple had made a mind to completely distroy samsung.

Soldierone1993d ago

I don't think Samsung cares. Their own products are growing and doing extremely well, thats why Apple is kind of threatened by it. Even the article states "Samsung is making up for it by still producing the products for their own projects"

Mark4841992d ago

yup full agree china too reported that there market will not affect with the bad relation between aple and saumsung....sumsung sale will be same as it was before.