Intel Readying 10-watt Haswell Chip for Ultrabooks

Maximum PC: Having debuted late last year with 2nd generation Intel Core processors, ultrabooks moved to 22nm Ivy Bridge chips back in June. But all along, it has been said that ultrabooks will truly come into their own when Intel launches Haswell, its first true system-on-a-chip (SoC). The launch of Ivy Bridge’s successor is still far off, but we will soon have a fair idea of what Intel has in store for us.

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thebudgetgamer2082d ago

I don't know what that has to do with this but ok,

OT: I'm not sure what that means will these be able to play games?

fanze1002082d ago

@thebudgetgamer: While I am pretty sure Intel will once again claim that the integrated graphics core on this thing will make dedicated graphics a thing of the past, I seriously doubt that's actually going to happen.

thebudgetgamer2082d ago

So instead of having a dedicated graphics card everything will be handled by the Intel chip?

fanze1002082d ago

Yes, in case the device has no dedicated GPU. At the moment, most ultrabooks don't.

fanze1002082d ago

If you're interested in an ultra-thin and -light laptop with decent gaming capabilities (i am talking about integrated graphics), then you should keep an eye on AMD-powered ultraportables. I have found their APUs to be more capable than Intel chips when it comes to integrated graphics.