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Nokia reveals "world's most innovative smartphone" but Apple WILL have new earphones.

KONBINI: Nokia yesterday revealed its new hope: two new Windows Phone 8 handsets designed for the top end of the smartphone market. Media interest in the new devices has been high for sure, but can this translate into sales? With Apple confirming a launch event for September 12th which will see them show off the 6th iPhone, will the new Lumias be overlooked once again? #InstantGeek

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Software_Lover2116d ago

Lets see, I've been waiting for almost a year to get on with Republic Wireless, and they release some crap phone. My wave isn't even up yet. I'm still with att and use my old Samsung Focus as a sort of pad with all my internet going with wifi. I have a non smartphone under contract with them. I heard rumors of Samsung coming out with a galaxy s3 equivalent running the Wp8 operating system. THEN THIS!!

I am really liking the LUMIA 920. At this point I'm sold, but I really want to wait and see if Samsung is going to drop something new.