Amazon announces Kindle Fire HD

Engadget - Amazon has made the jump from small to big screens with its e-readers in the past, and its now done so again with its tablets. The company has just announced its new Kindle Fire HD.

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-Mezzo-2052d ago

I will get it if the price is right.

thebudgetgamer2052d ago

Yea it looks pretty cool, there's so many options now a days.

SJIND2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

According to me if you want buy a 7' tablet then Nexus is better than this one. For 10' iPad is the best.

iSpy2051d ago

Wait! iPad mini is on the way.

Mark4842052d ago

I think this will sell like FIRE! thanks Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!

2052d ago
Software_Lover2051d ago

I'm still waiting for the Surface.

Ulf2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Same here. Core i5, or Tegra3, in my 11" tablet... that sounds like good stuff.

Ulf2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

The high-end model is a dual core 1.5 GHz with PowerVR... basically the equivalent of the current iPad, but with a higher rez screen. The smaller model is a 1.2GHz dual-core chip, probably with a weaker GPU as well.

Still not the equivalent of the PSVita, when it comes to gaming. I'll pass. I got a 9" 1280x800, 32GB Android Tegra2 tablet already. I don't think the extra pixels are worth the side-grade.