The 'Flintstones' bicycle with no pedals or saddle

Dailymail: It is a design that is sure to turn heads around town
German designers have revealed a bizarre bicycle with no pedals.
Instead, riders are strapped into a harness and move by walking or running.

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Elvis2056d ago

Lol, here's the top comment in youtube: "try going uphill dumbass"

SJIND2056d ago

Is there any problem with the pedal and saddle?

iSpy2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

This could be good a exercise.

Mark4842056d ago

what do you think of this? I'd definitely try it....

level 3602056d ago

There is something better than this, far more lighter, efficient and more practical - it's called a scooter.

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The story is too old to be commented.