Apple announces iPhone 5 event - September 12th

TFP: Apple has announced that its iPhone 5 event will be held on September 12th.

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Speed-Racer2116d ago

Hopefully they deliver something substantial. I think A LOT is riding on this event.

Baroness2116d ago

If they do, it will also cost a decent amount of money.

evil_element2115d ago

I think your confusing Apple with Nokia. Regardless what comes about in this month, Apple is very much at the top of the tree. $1,000,000,000,000 company founded nearly 30 years doesn't need to bang out hundreds of devices per year.

Maybe that's the fault with other companies out there who make hundreds of devices per year while Apple releases only 1 new product per product like i.e. macbook, ipad, iphone, imac e.t.c They just have to breathe and people jump.

Maybe some folk should really 'Think Different' than logical way many people operate.

Speed-Racer2114d ago

The fact that I have to pay full price for what I consider an upgrade is a joke. At least folks buying Android have choices that fit their budget. With Apple, you either can afford it or you can't.

evil_element2114d ago

Apple has always operated like that. They don't push out hundreds of products to saturate the market. They spend time in every new device or computer they release.

I have seen this before one more feature, one more function and one more future exciting release. The support for each released product just gets worse and worse the longer you keep your phone.

Crazay2116d ago

Ughhh..What a craptacular Birthday Gift...Seeing all the Apple monkeys on my facebook friends list touting their love for all things Apple.

Dear Apple, get bent. Sincerely the rest of the world who actually wants the freedom of choice.

evil_element2115d ago

Name the reasons for your dislike for Apple.


Crazay2115d ago

1.) they're a company that's very much focused on gaining a monopoly in the mobile phone market by limiting choice.- their tactics in achieving such is by throwing around their money and trying to patent silly things
2.) Their product is nothing but overpriced-candy coloured fisherprice/leapfrog for adults...
3.) As a PC user, I can't understand for the life of me why their computers can demand so much more money than an average comp. No longer are they using the Power PC CPUs, they're all x86 systems now using Intel components.

SJIND2115d ago

The 5 shadow has to mean iPhone 5... good one