10 programs that make Windows 8 better

Ghacks: So you have made the jump and installed Windows 8 on a computer, or, you are planning to buy a tablet, laptop or desktop PC running Microsoft’s latest operating system. If this is your first contact with the OS, chance is that you will need some time adjusting to the new startpage, missing start menu, and all the smaller changes that come with it. I think we can all agree that Windows 8 is different, and that not only shows when you first boot into the operating system, but also when you try to run programs or tasks that may no longer work out of the box.

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wishingW3L2116d ago

tittle should say: 10 programs to make Windows 8 just like Windows 7. XD

evil_element2116d ago

lol, it takes 10 programs to make Windows 8 better. Thought Windows 8 was perfect lol.

aviator1892116d ago

Who said it was perfect? I rarely hear any such thing regarding windows 8. It has it's flaws but I still like it enough to avoid reverting back to windows 7.

fatstarr2116d ago

why would I seriously take a legit upgrade to windows 8 if windows 7 does all of this flawlessly ...

microsoft better fix this with SP1 forget the critics the masses like the same thing over and over.

Speed-Racer2116d ago

I have a program that does all that in one. It's called Windows 7.