If you want to try Windows 8, wait for a hybrid

Techrepublic: There’s one big problem with Windows 8: it has a split personality disorder. If you want the maximum Windows 8 experience, you’ll need a hybrid tablet/laptop.

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fatstarr2084d ago

personally there should be a button

button a traditional mode
button b tablet mode.

these computers are too dam expensive to get me to buy a tablet
when you have nexus 7's goin for 200 cash and then a tablet goin for 1100 ....

SilentNegotiator2084d ago

I don't want any Windows 8 experience. It's design is unintuitive no matter if it's on a "tabtop", tablet, or desktop. I'll stick with 7 until they come out with 9 or make separate OSes of 8 for tablets and desktop like they should have done in the first place.

Now, go ahead. Pretend like you're the only one with extensive Windows 8 use, fanboys. I DARE YA.

kingPoS2084d ago

It's true, Some people never really appreciate something until gone. Who ever knew that windows could be such a fuss to operate without a start button?

Game3s2084d ago

The start screen is the new start button people

kingPoS2082d ago

I like that I can have a condensed list if files, programs or whatever from the start button/menu of old.

wishingW3L2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

after 3 months with Windows 8 I went back to Windows 7 because Windows 7 is the one that really felt like an upgrade. Windows 8 feels more like a downgrade. XD